Are Affordable Fertility Clinics Also Quality

Conceiving is a dream that almost every woman has. Unfortunately, not every person who tries to get pregnant usually succeeds. Scientists and researchers have thus over time dedicated their time towards ensuring that women get to have their wishes granted. Studies infertility clinic dubai have over time shown that there are different ways through which one can increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Evidence exists that freezing an embryo may increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy. What The Studies Show Studies have revealed that freezing the embryo when undergoing assisted fertilization procedures such as IVF has an effect of increasing the chances of a woman not only getting pregnant but also of having a complications-free delivery. This is good news for women who have been trying to get pregnant over a prolonged period of time since the success rates of IVF have been found to be almost % which is impressive considering that the use of fresh embryos has the success rate of almost thirty eight percent.

While there are many factors which affect the likelihood of procedures like IVF being successful, existing evidence points to the fact that freezing the embryo has a significant impact on whether a woman successfully gets pregnant or not. Given that using this procedure not only guarantees higher chances of a successful pregnancy but also reduced risks as far as delivery is concerned, this is something that you should definitely consider when trying to get pregnant. Why Freezing Increases The Success Rate Of Fertility Clinics The effect of freezing on the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant through assisted reproductive process was discovered by simple observation.

While the reason for this is not clear, it is believed that the follicular stimulation by drugs containing high levels of hormones usually negates the chances of pregnancy and thus the freezing usually allows for the transfer of the embryo when the uterine environment infertility doctors in dubai is more natural. It is also believed that the higher success rate may be as a result of the freezing process which allows for “weeding out” of the embryos that are not very healthy since the freezing process cannot be endured by every embryo.