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Baby’s First Christmas: Looking After Your Baby’s Health During Their First Winter

Your baby’s first Christmas is an exciting time, particularly if you are a new parent. As a new parent, you’ve likely spent the first few months in a newborn bubble, residing at home getting you and your little one used to this new adventure. However, in the run up to Christmas, you probably find yourself getting a little stir crazy cooped up indoors in order to avoid catching bugs and illnesses, but what many parents don’t realise is that being outdoors, unless it is dangerously cold, can help little ones acclimatise to the seasons and adjust to their day and night cycle.

So, if this is your baby’s first Christmas and you are worried about protecting your little one from all kinds of illnesses, here are some tips you can follow.

Layers Are Key

If you are cold with a coat on, then you need to make sure your baby is well wrapped up. Babies, and newborns in particular, lose body heat much faster than adults and they are less able to cope with the cold. Small children and babies are unable to increase their body heat by shivering and don’t have the adequate body fat needed to keep them warm if they do get cold.

By dressing your little one in layers, you can adjust and allow for their needs. Keep the bottom layer snug by using a bodysuit and then put a long sleeve top and leggings on on-top of that. Then, finish with a coat, hat, gloves … Read More

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How To Take Care Of A Good And True Baby

Having a baby is a dream of every family. Without the presence, such a family heart feels empty. Sometimes, if you have the first child, of course, you will experience a bit of confusion to care for your child.

This is normal because it is the first experience to treat a baby. That’s why this article we created with the theme of how to care for a good baby. Check out this article carefully, because we are trying to present it thoroughly for tips on caring for babies. Because, if we are careless in treating such hearts, of course, will cause various things that are not desirable. Check out the 8 ways to treat a true baby:

Caring for Baby # 1 Little Eat

In the first months of a baby’s birth, one of the main causes of the baby crying in hunger. Because of what? Because babies are not used to being hungry, when they are in the womb the baby always gets food and nutritional intake through the placental channels so the baby never feels hungry or thirsty. That’s why you as a good mother must actively breastfeed as often as possible, whether morning, evening, night.

At birth, the digestive system in infants is not used to digesting large amounts of food and drink, then “empty” for some time. This results in the body, especially the baby’s digestion, taking time to adapt in its first weeks. You do not need to give a schedule for eating sibayi, as … Read More

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5 Tips for Choosing Formula Milk for Babies

Breast milk is the best intake for babies because it contains complete nutrients that are important for growth and development. However, there are a number of conditions that do not allow the mother to give milk to the child.

Finally, giving formula milk is also an alternative that is often chosen so that the baby’s development can continue to be healthy, especially for newborns. However, of the many formula milk products sold in the market, how do you choose the right formula?

Choosing formula milk for newborns or under one year of age should not be arbitrary, because he still cannot digest food properly. So, mothers are expected to pay close attention when choosing formula milk. Good formula milk is not seen based on the brand and price, but the most important is the content. Basically, all formula milk products contain the main nutrients, namely protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. However, what makes one product different from other products is the type of protein used. The following types of formula milk are often sold on the market:

• Cow’s milk. The most common type of formula milk is made from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains proteins which are divided into two types, namely whey and casein. For newborns, the type of whey is the most recommended because it is considered easier to digest.

• Low milk or lactose-free. Some babies are sensitive to the content of lactose or sugar in milk. In addition, the digestive system of an imperfect … Read More