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How To Take Care Of A Good And True Baby

Having a baby is a dream of every family. Without the presence, such a family heart feels empty. Sometimes, if you have the first child, of course, you will experience a bit of confusion to care for your child.

This is normal because it is the first experience to treat a baby. That’s why this article we created with the theme of how to care for a good baby. Check out this article carefully, because we are trying to present it thoroughly for tips on caring for babies. Because, if we are careless in treating such hearts, of course, will cause various things that are not desirable. Check out the 8 ways to treat a true baby:

Caring for Baby # 1 Little Eat

In the first months of a baby’s birth, one of the main causes of the baby crying in hunger. Because of what? Because babies are not used to being hungry, when they are in the womb the baby always gets food and nutritional intake through the placental channels so the baby never feels hungry or thirsty. That’s why you as a good mother must actively breastfeed as often as possible, whether morning, evening, night.

At birth, the digestive system in infants is not used to digesting large amounts of food and drink, then “empty” for some time. This results in the body, especially the baby’s digestion, taking time to adapt in its first weeks. You do not need to give a schedule for eating sibayi, as often as possible give it food intake, especially breast milk. After about 5 weeks the diet or the baby’s eating schedule will be formed.

Caring for Babies # 2 When Dispose of Water

This is sometimes annoying when the baby is defecating and pee, indeed a baby who is only a few weeks old does not know the schedule for urinating. The more frequent the baby poops is a good sign that the baby is eating enough. Always change the diaper when the baby poops, so that the baby feels comfortable and of course avoid disease due to bacteria from the feces.

Observe stool and urine because they can be used as an indicator of the baby’s condition, for example, if the urine is yellow then the baby is less fluid. In addition to changing diapers, cleaning the genitals and anus is also important to keep the baby clean and healthy.

Caring for Babies # 3 Wearing Clothes

Or commonly called the baby dress code. Isn’t it possible not if the baby has to be covered all day? Does the shirt have to be covered with blankets and clothes? Indonesia has a tropical climate that is not suitable for babies with layers of clothing, especially when the weather is hot and rooms that are not the air-conditioned will of course baby will feel very hot, hot and humid.

If this happens, immediately change clothes with a lighter and thinner one. Also make sure baby clothes are made of 100{91e96071bc91595d846b4706ca19f059a8d95911e20fb6e365dc8d113dec0923} cotton or natural material so that it is easy to absorb sweat, wash, and iron. If you want to travel, you can use a cardigan or coat, shoes, socks and baby hats to prevent colds.

Caring for Babies # 4 Baby Cosmetics

There are many types of cosmetics in babies, for example, baby shampoo, baby bath, baby lotion, baby oil, baby cream, hair lotion, baby powder, etc. Actually, babies don’t need it all at once, because that’s wise when using it. Whatever the brand and type, make sure to use products that have been clinically tested. If the baby is allergic/sensitive negative to a particular cosmetic, immediately stop using it.

Start using cosmetics that do not contain chemicals or green products. This is also to avoid or minimize contact between babies and chemicals. Also, avoid using softener products or clothes deodorizers. The chemicals they contain can cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

Caring for Babies # 5 Baby Disliked Activities

In general, babies do not like to be bathed, washed, changed clothes, given nose or eye drops. If this happens, do it quickly but be careful. Or it could also distract him by asking him to talk, be hugged or kissed.